Use Organization and Automation to Get More Customers and Double your Revenue.

Take your business to another level:


Have a clear and organized view of all leads, customers and facilitate the acquisition of new contracts.

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What will you get when you have access to CRMaster?

Visual organization of all your contacts.

Automatic integration with Google Forms. Receive registrations from your customers.

Determine contract closing goals.

Customer control and process automation.

Organize Tasks by Clients.

Okay, but tell me everything about the template

Inside the template you will have a complete Dashboard for you: manage all your Leads, Companies and contact information.

Manage, add and control all your contacts in a simple and functional way.

We know that each Lead phase demands different tasks. Control tasks organized by contact.

Create a new interaction with your customers with just one click. Record all communications with your customers.

And receive notifications of your appointments and tasks.

Do you have contacts within companies? Attach your contacts to the companies they work for.

And more...

And automatically integrate forms that customers have filled out.

Boost your results with centralized management of your customers:

Discover CRMaster:

Leads, Customers, Registration Forms, Contracts, Financial, Commercial Management, Tasks, Customer Contact and various other activities.

This is just part of what you need to efficiently manage a successful company.

We all know how difficult it is to organize a company and all its customers. Stop “paying attention” when you can and start organizing your time and processes.

And believe me, organization and automation will be your greatest ally in the growth of your business.

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How to stand out and get more customers than the competition?

If you already have a CRM, you already know that it is impossible to be a true professional without controlling your main assets: your customers.

Why? Because that’s what will bring you results.

And I will give you this, for you who:

  • There is an area agency of any size;
  • Do you want to professionalize the delivery of your services (whatever they may be);
  • You want to close more contracts and automate a large part of your Lead control.

Exclusive bonuses for those who purchase today CRMaster:

  • Access to all updates;
  • Tutorials;
  • And more…

Extra Bonus: Digitools

Exclusive bonuses for those who purchase CRMaster:

  • 100+ Artificial Intelligences;
  • Categorized Tools.

Several people are already using and taking advantage of DigiTools and all the bonuses. This testimony is from Bruno (he allowed it to be used) and like him, several people are making a lot of money just using some of these tools and selling services.

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Automating processes and mastering tools can require many hours of dedication, taking your time away from what really matters: producing.

Notioncel is an education company in the productivity and personal and business organization sector that emerged precisely to solve the difficulty of fully using different tools in order to save time for all its customers.

With more than 1000 active and satisfied customers, the company aims to implement simple and easy access to tools that require dozens of hours of study to be fully understood and mastered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, regardless of your area of expertise, the Business Planning will help you to be at least more productive.

Claro, tudo foi feito pensando em quem não sabe absolutamente nada sobre as ferramentas que serão utilizadas. Caso tenha dúvidas, ainda contamos com um suporte completo via Whatsapp e um tutorial completo para você aprender a utilizar o template de maneira simples e eficiente.

As soon as you make the purchase, you will receive the access link in your email. Just create your password and enter the platform.

However you like. It could be through Notion that we make available, through the members area or through our e-books!

From the moment you duplicate your template it will be yours and you can use it at no additional cost.

Yes, it is 100% safe. Hotmart is one of the largest course hosting companies in the world

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